Who we are and what we do

Hello, hello, hello and welcome to Fempreneurz, it is so lovely to have you join us. Fempreneurz is all about empowering, inspiring and supporting you, to embrace your divine feminine, and unleash your potential, through your soul-purpose business. We do this through a holistic approach to business coaching providing emotional, physical, spiritual support and practical strategies to enable you to start, launch and grow your soul-purpose business, online.


The Fempreneurz vision is to sponsor women, to break free from poverty, whilst honoring their true selves. Through strong values in spiritual, personal and business development, our mission is to empower women to let their light shine and improve the quality of life for themselves, their family and their community through entrepreneurship.

Ways we help you:

Femz Insider

Become a femz insider. Join our community of like-minded women and access a wealth of personal, business & spiritual development resources; workbooks, webinars, challenges and more. All designed to help you shine your light and start, launch and grow your soul-purpose business

Monthly Challenges

Join us over in the Femz Insider facebook group for the monthly challenges. As well as our daily oracle card guidance and weekly readings, each month we focus on one area of your personal, business or spiritual development. Providing you with practical strategies and support to help you discover your soul-purpose, overcome procrastination and cut through your mental blocks.



Each month we hold a focused masterclass showing you, step by step how to get the results you want and provide you with the clarity you need to move forward in your soul-purpose business.


The Blog

Weekly articles providing you with inspiration, prayers, motivation, tips, tricks and tools to help you succeed in achieving your dreams.

Want more help?

Coaching Program

Join Elisa Marie and take your soul-purpose business to it’s next level, with a program packed with one to one support, systems and strategies to help you Start, Launch and Grow your soul-purpose business, creating your ideal lifestyle and getting it done quickly and easily.

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become a Femz Insider

Become a Femz Insider

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