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Hello, hello, hello and welcome to Fempreneurz, it is so lovely to have you join us. Creating your soul-purpose business isn’t just about making money, it’s about creating a business that is in alignment with the life you dream of. A business that provides you with the lifestyle you desire, without sacrificing your time on the things that matter most to you. 


The Fempreneurz vision is to help women break free from overwhelm and create strategies that enables them to focus on their passion and purpose. Through strong values in spiritual, personal and business development, our mission is to empower women to improve the quality of life for themselves, their family and their community through entrepreneurship.

Ways we help you:

Femz Insider

Become a femz insider. Join our community of like-minded women and access a wealth of personal and business development resources; workbooks, webinars, challenges and more. All designed to help you shine your light and start, launch and grow your soul-purpose business

Regular Challenges

Join us over in the Femz Insider Hub for access to challenges, masterclasses and more. In each challenge we focus on one area of your personal, business or spiritual development. Providing you with practical strategies and support to help you discover your soul-purpose, beat overwhelm, overcome procrastination and cut through your mental blocks.


Coach & Do Programs

Check out our Femz academy coach and do programs, where we work with you, step by step, to get the results you want and provide you with the clarity you need to move forward in your soul-purpose business. Once your plan is in place, we will then work alongside you and take the action needed to implement that plan. Whether you need us to perform some tasks for you or just be an accountability partner, together we will get it done.


Want more help?

Coach & Do Programs

Join Elisa Marie and take your soul-purpose business to it’s next level, with our coach and do programs; helping you to create and implement the systems and strategies to Start, Launch and Grow your soul-purpose business and create your ideal lifestyle, whilst getting it done quickly and easily.

Start To Launch

Looking to start a business that aligns with your soul’s purpose but not sure how or where to start?

Don’t let your dream of merging your personal values with your business strategy be deflated by a pile of worries.

Those days are in the past with my Start to Launch Coaching Program.

In the start to Launch program I spill all my secrets to creating a business that truly reflects our inner purpose and values, as well as all the tools, strategies and systems to make it a success.

Done For You Services

When your To-Do list has your head in a spin and you are tired of trying to figure it all out. When your brain is fried from information overload and you just want someone to do it for you, without charging the Earth. Our Done for you services are the perfect solution

Start to Launch Set-up

In collaboration with our sister site, Elisa Marie Designz, we can now bring you the Start to Launch set-up service. Taking all the tasks within our start to launch program and doing them for you.

Social Media Management

Alongside the Start to launch set-up service, Elisa Marie Designz, offers special discounted rates to our Femz Insiders on their Social Media Management packages. Giving you back time to focus on your passion and purpose.

One to One Coaching

Struggling to stay on track and focused? Got a million and one ideas, flitting from one to the next, never quite finishing any? Suffering from “shiny object syndrome”? Need someone to help you get organised, stay focused and accountable? Then one to one coaching is just what you need. 

Sponsorship Program

At Fempreneurz we believe, passionately that all women can build the business they dream of, no matter their age or circumstances.

We are also realistic, we know and understand that when the bills are mounting up and you have a family to provide for, you simply can’t afford to invest in your dream.

That minimum wage job is barely keeping your head above water, you are living hand to mouth with barely a penny to spare.

You daren’t even look at your credit report and you know the chances of you getting a business loan are, well, their zilch.

You can forget support with a grant or even free business advice that extends to more than one session because you are working.

It is not fair, you know you can do so much more.

You know you were meant to do more.

And that is why our sponsorship program was created.

The Fempreneurz sponsorship program gives Femz members, on a low income, the opportunity to access our coaching programs, mastermind groups and events, depending on your circumstances, completely free of charge.

Find out more and apply here

*applications are limited and the value of the award will be dependent on your income and circumstances (see the link above for further information)

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