When it comes to getting things done I have no patience with myself. I want to do everything and have it all done yesterday.

Ridiculous, I know, impossible I know! It’s exhausting. If I don’t sit down and go through the steps I am about to share with you, I would drive myself crazy, with unrealistic schedules and a to-do list that just keeps growing. If this sounds familiar or you’re just feeling overwhelmed with all you want to do, then read on.

Write everything down

The first thing I do is write each thing I want to do or area I want to focus on down as a title on separate pieces of paper. You can use Word doc if you prefer. This step helps you clear your head and begin to focus.


Work on each piece of paper, one at a time and as yourself, what do I need to do to make this happen? Break it down into single steps.

What needs to happen before I can do this? For example; do you need to earn a certain amount to afford it? Or do you need to have a number of subscribers on your list before you could market it effectively?

What can you do now? Highlight them.

Out of the things you have highlighted, which needs to come first?

If you are still struggling, what can you do in the shortest time? Which of your ideas are the least time consuming? Focusing on these first will help you get into the habit of focusing on and finishing tasks. These smaller task will also develop your skills, helping you to finish the lengthier tasks in less time.


To organise my to-do in order of focus, get some sticky notes and a bunch of ring binders. On each ringbinder I stuck a label of each area I wanted to cover in my business. For example, my areas were blogging, social media, website, list building, magazine, ebooks, webinars, members club, courses and podcasting. Having labelled my folders with all the areas I wanted to build, I then arrange the files in the most practical order for me, to further cement what I should focus on.

I then put sticky notes on my desk, computer, pinboard and any other place I may find distraction with the question; is this helping me to focus on my priority task.

If I find myself distracted by an article on one of my other areas I make a quick note of the link or print it out to file away until it’s time for my Focus to go there.

I have tried many different methods to help me stay focused and prioritise my task but so far this is the only one that has worked for me and it has now become a habit I use everyday to keep a handle on my impatience and keep my to-do list possible.