So what is Fempreneurz all about?


Fempreneurz is an online hub helping you to plan and create your custom business and marketing strategies, as you start, launch and grow your soul-purpose business online.

At Fempreneurz we believe, passionately, that all women, no matter their background, age or current circumstances, can build the business of their dreams.

We also believe that a woman’s current circumstances should not prevent her from making her dreams a reality and every woman should have the chance to change her life.

We understand the struggles women face when trying to start, grow and launch their soul-purpose business:

  •  You know that there is something more you are meant to do, you have taken so many different paths but none seem to be the right one.
  • You feel your calling but you just can’t hear what she is saying.
  • You feel passionately about your business idea but self-doubt keeps rearing its head and telling you it won’t work.
  • You have a big dream, there is so much you want to do, but you just can’t seem to focus on where to start.
  • Your finances have you in a spin, you know what you want but you have to make money now and the need to earn money to keep a roof over your head, feed your family and just live keeps throwing you off track.
  • You’ve tried a million different ways, read hundreds of books, have a to-do list as long as Sandra Allen’s legs but the overwhelm has your brain fried and physically frozen in place.
  • Becoming a soul-purpose entrepreneur, making your ideas a reality, is both thrilling and terrifying, one minute you’re the whirlwind, full of ideas, feeling powerful, nothing is going to stand in your way and then suddenly you find yourself stuck in the middle of your whirlwind; ideas, doubt, frustration and overwhelm spinning around you.

Whether you are just starting out or you are ready to let your light shine and take your soul-purpose business to the next level, these feelings are normal, we all feel them. We just sometimes need a little support and guidance to help us stay focused on what we are trying to achieve.

That’s exactly what Fempreneurz is here to do, we are here to provide you with practical, spiritual and emotional support, helping you create systems and strategies to start, launch and grow your soul-purpose business.

So what do we do?

Online blog – providing inspirational, practical and actionable advice through our articles 

Workbooks and practical guides – step by step guides and workbooks to help you take actionable steps in all areas of your life and business

Online accountability courses and mastermind programs – showing you the how and supporting you, step by step, to get the results you want.

The Midweek Mentor podcast and Femz TV videos – answering your questions on business, marketing, money and mindset

Members Club – Monthly masterminds focusing on a specific area of your business development as well as access to mini e-courses, private accountability groups, ebooks, guides, printables and more. All for a monthly subscription

Done for you services – From our Start to Launch set-up service to social media management, our teams are here to give you back your time so you can focus on your passion.

Sponsorship Program – As strong supporters of social enterprise, our profits help us sponsor women on a low income to get their soul-purpose business online and ready to launch. You can find more about the sponsorship program and how to apply here

Workshops and networking events – bringing female entrepreneurs together, to learn, grow, share and shine.


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