So what is Fempreneurz all about?

Fempreneurz is the online hub empowering women to be the Queen of their vision, fulfill their soul-purpose, build a successful empire online and create massive success.


At Fempreneurz we believe, passionately, that all women, no matter their background, age, or current circumstances can create a business that gives them the freedom to enjoy and explore, all life has to offer with the people they love.


We understand the struggles women face when trying to fulfill their purpose and build a successful business that fits around their life as a mother, wife, matriarch, and queen of her family.

We understand that the most difficult step to building your business this way or any way for that matter is in getting started.

You know that there is something more you are meant to do, to be.

You know there is this awesome, amazing, powerful queen inside of you but you’ve kept her locked up for so long, playing small, you are afraid to let her loose.

You have a big crazy, dream, there is so much you want to do, but you just can’t seem to focus on where to start and how to make it a reality without sacrificing those precious moments and memories with your loved ones.

You’ve read hundreds of books, have your ridiculously long, to-do list of strategies, but all those conflicting “right ways” and guru strategies have your brain fried and not knowing which way to turn.

You have tried to do the things they tell you, you should, but they just don’t feel in alignment with who you are, your values, and priorities.

Maybe there’s a strategy you really want to follow but self-doubt keeps rearing its shitty, ugly ass head, telling you you can’t.

Maybe you struggle to see whether something isn’t in alignment or if it is just fear and self-doubt messing with your head?

or maybe you are feeling overwhelmed, tired of trying to learn the “how to’s” in your business when you just want to focus on your purpose, your passion?

Sharing your knowledge, passion, and purpose, making your ideas a reality, is both thrilling and terrifying, one minute you are full of ideas, feeling powerful, nothing is going to stand in your way. You are the queen of your success, ruler of your life, your empire …. and then suddenly you find yourself weakened in the midst of battle; ideas, doubt, frustration, and overwhelm attacking you from every angle.

Whether you are just starting out or you are ready to take your business to the next level, these feelings are normal, we all feel them.

We just sometimes need a little support, guidance, someone to cheer us on, push us and help us stay focused on what we are trying to achieve.

Fempreneurz is that support, that guidance, that push to get you through getting started and to the stage where you are in complete flow and what you want to do is your new norm.

Are you ready to defend your empire like the Queen you are?

Ready to free your dreams from the chains of fear, doubt, and overwhelm?

So what do we do?

The Fempreneurz Launch Hub – Monthly masterminds and challenges as well as access to our community of kick-ass queens building their empires, workbooks, guides, templates, and more.

Online blog – providing inspirational, practical, and actionable advice through our articles.

One-to-one Coaching – Work one to one with Elisa Marie as your personal success coach and marketing strategist, supporting you as you build your empire.

Done-for-You Services – Looking to free up more time to focus on your passion and purpose, check out our done-for-you digital marketing services.

Workshops, networking events, retreats & bootcamps – bringing female entrepreneurs together, to learn, grow, share and reign supreme.

For our latest updates, masterclasses, and much much more for kick-ass queens…

get your beautiful, glorious, royal rump over to the Fempreneurz Launch Hub.


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