Hello, hello, hello! It is so great to have you here.

I’m Elisa Marie – Grizzer Queen. 

My clients are all kick-ass queens building their empires

But the Fempreneurz queens are no ordinary queens.

They are revolutionary rulers creating massive success, their way and on their terms.

They are no longer overwhelmed by the noise of others telling them “you must do it my way”

They love to learn and have a thirst for knowledge but when alls said and done they all agree, “what’s right for you may not be right for me.”

They will listen and happily take others’ ideas on board, they are willing to give any and every strategy a try but if it doesn’t align, if it doesn’t feel right, no matter how much the Gurus tell them it must, they are quick to say goodbye.

They are building their empires and living life to the max, staying true to who they are, and following their own damn path.

So, what do I do?

I help you to discover your path and keep you on track. I help you to overcome the most difficult part of starting your business, which is just that. The getting started.

I get you to the place where you have your solid foundations set and all you want and need to do, to build your business, is now second nature.

I am here to support and empower you to become the Queen I know you are and build your Empire.

 Ode to my clients : The Fempreneurz Queens

The Fempreneurz queens are turning their visions into reality and making dreams come true, for themselves, for their families, for those they are here to serve.

She is conquering her fears, banishing regret, and allowing all she has and all she is to lead her to success.

She knows she is meant for this; that the universe supports her and will guide her in pursuit of her goals.

She and the universe, they are in sync.

She is on fire and ready to do all she was brought here to do, ready to fulfill all of those dreams, given to her to achieve.

She’s sending fear, procrastination, regret, and all that other shit to the gallows.

She’s slaying the dragons of self-doubt and desperation, living a life wanting for nothing, because she went out and got it all, and then some. In every shade of every colour.

She is a kick-ass queen, building her empire. She does not surrender and she will never quit.

She fights for her dreams, her family, her tribe. She defends her purpose, her passion, her empire, like no other.

She goes after what she wants and she damn well gets it.

All of it.

Because she has the belief and the will to do all that it takes.

If she wants the world, she’ll take it – every last square inch of it.

She is unwavering love, compassion, and support for all, but exploit her at your peril.

Cross her and she will banish you into oblivion, she will take that power that you thought you had over her and turn it to dust and she will blow you out of her world with the slightest of breaths.

You can knock her down a thousand times but best beware her rise.


She will rise from the ashes of all that has been thrown at her, stronger, bolder, brighter than ever before

You may run like the wind but she’s coming back like a storm, with the force of a hurricane

She’s a queen on a mission to fulfill her purpose. She’s a queen with a vision, determined to live it

She’s a Fempreneurz queen

A Fempreneurz queen, she is all of you and she’s all of me, together we will set her free.

Are you ready to take your crown and step into your power?

Are you ready to be the queen we both know you are? A Fempreneurz queen?

You are a superwoman, a goddess, a queen but you’ve been playing it safe, playing small.

You’ve been living a life of should do’s, instead of doing all that you can do.

You know you are meant for so much more than you have been and done, so far

You are proud of who you are and what you have accomplished but you know it isn’t enough.

Because deep in your soul, you know, all you envision is possible, in fact, it’s a given.

It’s a given because, this vision of yours, it won’t let you go

You cannot ignore it, try as you might. And oh how you’ve tried.

You’ve tried to be “normal” and happy with what you’ve got

But you are not normal. You are a fucking queen, you want more.

You came here to be more, do more, have it all. It’s just who you are

You can’t settle, you won’t.

Until you have been, done, and had all you can see, all you envision, and more

Going against it is a battle and leaves you fighting for air so, you might as well choose to fight for it instead

I’m not going to sugarcoat it, it won’t be easy to start.

There will be late nights, early mornings, and a fair few scars.

They’ll be obstacles to overcome and battles to be won

But you will make it through. And when you do…

Your reward will be greater than you ever imagined

You will be amazed, looking back, at the woman you once were to the queen, the goddess, you have become.

Your empire will rise to the highest of heights and all because you picked the right fight.

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