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Welcome to the Femz academy.

Whether you are just getting started in your business or are wanting to take it to the next level, we’ve got you covered.

The Femz Academy is packed full of courses and programs to help you make the progress you want, when you want it.


Online, comprehensive, accountability courses set to provide you with the skills and knowledge to start, launch and grow yourself and your business.

Plan with passion


blogging for biz success


social media mastery


lucrative list building


flourish with facebook


power of pinterest


sell it & shine


launch it!


Want more???

Want more accountability, more content, more support and more action?

Then we’ve got just what you are looking for….

eCourse Bundles

Each bundle contains a collection of individual courses tailored to the stage of your business you are wanting to focus on and are a great way to get all the courses you need whilst saving you money.

Start To launch


Marketing & Growth


systems & productivity


personal development & mindset



Join our game-changing masterminds for the ultimate program of courses, support, tools and community of women all focusing on the same level of their business.

Start to launch alliance


sell it & shine supreme mastermind


Sponsorship Program

At Fempreneurz we believe, passionately that all women can build the business they dream of, no matter their circumstances.

We are also realistic, we know and understand that when the bills are mounting up and you have a family to provide for you simply can’t afford to invest in your dream.

That minimum wage job is barely keeping your head above water, you are living hand to mouth with barely a penny to spare.

You daren’t even look at your credit report and you know the chances of you getting a business loan are, well, their zilch.

You can forget support with a grant or even free business advice that extends to more than one session because you are working.

It is not fair, you know you can do so much more.

You know you were meant to do more.

And that is why our sponsorship program was created.

The Fempreneurz sponsorship program gives women on a low income the opportunity to access our Start to Launch program, at a reduced rate or, depending on your circumstances, completely free of charge.

Find out more and apply here

*applications are limited and the value of the award will be dependant on your income and circumstances (see the link above for further information)

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