Welcome to the Femz academy.

Read the books? Took the courses? Even, bought the coaching programs?

Felt inspired, motivated and all fired up?

Then they ended, you were back on your own again and try as you might, it was as if, overnight, an invisible force had you pinned down and you just couldn’t take the action you knew you had to take, to build your dream business?

Eventually, you procrastinated for so long, “working” on other ideas that you forgot everything you had learnt.

If only there was some way, someone, something that could help you take what you learn and make sure you take the action.

Well, there is. Our coach and do programs were created because, like you, Elisa Marie, read 100s of books, took course after course and invested in programs she couldn’t afford before finally taking the action she needed to.

For almost 20 years Elisa procrastinated, to-ing and fro-ing from one idea to the next before she finally got her backside into gear and vowed that she would do all she could to ensure her programs always resulted in action.

And so … The Femz Academy, filled with Coach and Do programs, was created

Whether you are just getting started in creating your online course or coaching program or are wanting to take your program to the next level, we’ve got you covered.

Our Master Program

Taking your online course or coaching program from Start to Launch.

Our Start to Launch Master program combines content from all our Coach and Do individual programs into the ultimate group program, at a fraction of the cost.

Looking to create an online course or coaching program that aligns with your soul’s purpose but not sure how or where to start?

Tired of reading the books, taking the courses and programs but never getting round to taking the action you need to take to move forward and create your dream business?

Don’t let your dream of merging your personal values with your business strategy be deflated by a pile of worries.

Those days are in the past with my Start to Launch Coaching Program.

In the Start to Launch program, we will work together to create your business and build you an empire that truly reflects your inner purpose and values.

As well as providing you with all the tools, strategies and systems to make your business a success, we will work together to ensure those strategies are put into practice.

Whether you are just getting started or already have a business that you want to revive and reconnect with your soul purpose – This is for you!



Online, comprehensive, individual coaching programs set to provide you with the skills and knowledge to start, launch and grow yourself and your business.

With every Coach and Do program we don’t just teach you what to do, we work alongside you to create and implement your personalized action plan.

What makes The Femz Academy so unique is that every Coach and Do program combines e-learning, coaching, and “do it together” strategy sessions, creating a complete package that gets you exactly where you need to be.

Plan with passion

All things planning, helping you to gain clarity and stay focused.

Nothing gets us more excited than a plan of action. In the plan with passion program we will work together to create your complete business plan, develop your marketing strategy, plan your systems and processes as well as planning your course or coaching program content.


Compelling Website

Designed especially for coaches and course creators, in the Compelling Website program, we’ll work together, providing step by step strategies to design, create and launch your compelling wordpress website and your signature sales page. And if you need us to we will also be available to help you complete those technical tasks too.


blogging for biz success

Helping you to plan and implement your perfect blog strategy to attract your ideal audience. We’ll cover what type of blog you should have, plan and organize your content. How to curate and repurpose your content, where, when and how to promote your blog content and then together we will build your blog and implement your strategy.


social media mastery

Working with you to overcome the social media minefield.

Creating your complete social media marketing and management strategies.

You will discover what your audience wants, where to find them and how to turn them into raving fans and paying clients. If you know the fempreneurz way, you also know we’d never just leave you there, with your strategy in place, we will then work with you to implement it including; setting up and optimizing your social media profiles, creating and scheduling content, and managing your accounts.


lucrative list building

Not yet set up your mailing list?

Zero active subscribers on your list?

No followers?

No problem.

In the lucrative list-building program, together, we will first create your list-building strategy. Then we will design and create your lead page, newsletter and email sequences before implementing your strategy and grow your list, even if you don’t yet have any followers.


launch it!

The foundations are set, you know you want to launch your course or coaching program, you know who you are serving and how you want to help them.

Now it’s time to create your course or coaching program and plan then implement your launch strategy.

That is exactly what our Launch it! program helps you to do, and even after you have launched we will be there to help you review and improve your launch strategy.


Want more???

Ready to uplevel your business and create your six-figure course or coaching program?

Then our upcoming Sell it & Shine Supreme Mastermind is exactly what you need

Marketing & Growth

Upleveling your business to create your six-figure course or coaching program


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