With the first six months of the year having now flown by, were you pilot or passenger?

Have you achieved the goals you set yourself in January or has time just whizzed by and left you wondering how that happened?
Are you as motivated now as you were with your plans for a whole new year?

Whether you smashed every goal or got left behind, now is a great time to check in and review your plans.
When the sun begins to shine many of us feel a renewed sense of energy which makes summer the perfect time to build new habits and routines that will ensure our success year after year.

There is however one thing we need to be mindful of during the summer months and that is temptation. The temptation to sit in the garden and work on your tan rather than work on your business. The temptation to stick the barbeque on again and invite friends and family round for some Sangria or Pimms to wash it down, forsaking all the hard work you’ve put in on your healthy diet. That’s not to say you shouldn’t enjoy these things, of course you should, life’s far too short to not to do what you enjoy. By reviewing your goals now, organising your time and getting clear on what you need to do, you can enjoy all these moments, guilt free, knowing that you are still on track for an amazing year.

This months free printable has been created to help you re-focus your goals and boost your motivation. To get the most out of your mid -year review here are some tips for you to keep in mind

1. Be honest.

Don’t make excuses or beat around the bush. If you haven’t done as much as you would have liked to, you need to be completely honest with yourself. Knowing yourself, knowing your stumbling blocks and how you procrastinate is the only way you will stop YOU from being your own success enemy.

2. Take action.

When you are feeling a little bit ‘meh’ and that sun lounger is calling to you ‘come work on your tan instead’, pull out your goal planner, sheet or calendar and just plan to spend five or ten minutes on one of your goals. More often than not after a few minutes of getting into your goal you’ll find you need to keep going. If not, then chances are you need to take that break anyway. However, before you do look at your diary and see if you can schedule what you planned to do today another time. FYI: Always schedule some free time in your diary, time to relax and just focus on you. Not only does this avoid burnout but having this regular, non- negotiable time can help avoid procrastination too.

Don’t wait to feel motivated or inspired. Believe it or not, motivation and inspiration does not just come to us, we have to get motivated, get inspired. They are created by the action we take.

3. Work out.

With the lighter mornings get into the routine,now, of getting up and active earlier. A good 30 to 60 minute work out will set you up for the day. Oh yes it will.

4. Take YOU seriously.

Commit yourself fully to your goals. Just because you set them yourself shouldn’t mean you can forsake them for someone or something else. Often the reason we don’t fulfil our goals is because we just don’t take them seriously enough. Get your priorities in order. If a goal isn’t a priority then it shouldn’t be on your list.

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