Making the decision to change your life and go after you dreams is never quite a glamorous as it sounds. For most of us, starting your own business means stepping into the unknown. No more security of a regular wage. No more switching off once the office is closed and no more set roles. When self-employed, you can no longer do your job ‘with your eyes shut’. Aside from the things you need to do, there is also all that undue pressure you put on yourself to get it right and know it all from the outset. A ridiculous notion, but we all do it. Then there’s the icing on the cake. A whole host of ‘well meaning’ loved ones and negative ninnies telling you you are crazy! How are you ever going to do that? Blah, blah, blah!

So, now we’ve taken a glimpse at the downside of making your dreams come true are you ready for the magic?

Nothing will ever fill you with as much passion, hope, inspiration and motivation than knowing that you have opened up your life to endless opportunity. There will never be a limit on how far you can go, or how much you can earn. Yes it’s going to be hard, it is going to be scary. You are going to struggle getting to sleep and when you finally do fall asleep your dreams are going to repeat everything you tried to stop thinking about, but it will all be so worth it. That life you envisage for yourself and your family? It’s yours. You’ve already seen it, breathed it, smelt it, touched it. Whatever your dream, no matter how big, bright, bold or crazy it may seem, you are the magic to make it happen.

Turn Your Big Crazy Idea Into Reality!

The issue for many people with a ‘big, crazy idea’ is knowing where to begin. If you are serious about turning your idea into reality then you first need to get serious about your research. What exactly is your idea? You need to be really specific about what you are going to do and who you are going to do it for? So basically, what’s your product and who are your customers? Telling me that everyone can benefit is just plain lazy. You will not benefit from trying to cater to everyone. Who do you have empathy with? Who can you relate to the most? Would your product benefit them? How would it? What is a problem they have that your product could solve? Once you have narrowed this down, get on to your search engine and find out who is already providing a similar solution to your ideal customer. What is working for them? What is not working? How will you be different? When doing your research also look at who you could connect with. Have you come across a person or company that’s in the same field but would make more of an ally than a competitor? Do your products complement each other? If so, bite the bullet and get in touch.

Warning: Research can also lead to ‘idea overload’. Once you begin looking into how your dream can become a reality, you will find new and inspiring ideas. Always remember YOUR why. When ideas come flooding in, do a brain dump. Write down all the ideas and then put them away. You need to stay focused on your current mission. Trying to produce too many things at once will lead you to a brick wall. Believe me, been there, done that and your success will suffer BIG set backs. So remember what you are going after, why you started and where you want to be.

Don’t take your eye off the prize.

To help keep you on track get help, get support, get a mentor. You cannot do everything on your own. We all need some level of support. You don’t have to spend thousands on coaching programs or to hire a mentor, these are, for the most part extremely valuable and should bring you high returns on your investment but for many of us just starting out, we simply can’t afford it. Get on social media, not obsessively, check out some groups on facebook there are so many and it will take a bit of time finding the right group. Set aside a time each day to connect with the group and you will have a great support system to keep you inspired and motivated as well as a great place to bounce ideas off. If you are looking for more structured support check out The Femz Insider Hub and join our monthly masterminds, live q&a sessions and more.

You’ve done your research, you’ve got your support system now you need to plan your journey.

The business plan is a great tool used correctly. I’m not talking about the type of business plan everybody is producing to help them gain finance from the banks, very dull, very boring and frankly, naff. Create a business plan that inspires you. Be detailed about the steps you are going to take. Do the financials for you. How much do you want to earn and how can you do it? Break it down and then break it down again. The same for your goals. What do you want to achieve? How will you get there? Producing a business plan can be highly motivating, you just need to see it as the plan for your dreams rather than a document you have to or should produce. Change your mindset and make it work for you. Your business plan is the tool to help you stay focused, remembering your why, where and how.

If you really are struggling to get past the ‘formality’ of the business plan, grab your free Plan with Passion workbook below to help you produce a plan that will blow your bank manager away and keep you motivated to success.

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