The feminine has risen. She no longer stands in the shadows of the masculine, she has stepped forward and reclaimed her power. The masculine is no longer afraid of her power, he has embraced her and raised her up so that all may flourish in her loving light. Together, in perfect balance, they are the ultimate force. They are divine.
You may be wondering what all this has to do with creating a captivating about page but bear with me for a moment.
For many years the masculine ruled, especially when it came to sales and marketing. During that time, marketing was just ego-based bragging, and sales were all pushy, overbearing tactics. The caring, understanding, and compassion of the feminine were nowhere to be found. Thankfully those days are over, the feminine and the masculine now work together in perfect harmony. The feminine is the loving light, she is compassionate and understanding. She understands our struggles. She is the warm embrace we desire before guiding us to what we need. The masculine is the strength, confidence, and support we need to overcome those struggles. This is the foundation of your about page, your sales pages too.

To captivate your dream clients your about page, bio’s and sales pages must work in exactly the same way. In the steps below I’m going to show you exactly how.

Step One: Know Your Audience

I can not stress enough how important it is to know your ideal clients and audience. It is one of the biggest keys to marketing and sales success, so yes, I have and will continue to harp on about it. Know your audience! Stalk them. Online of course, I’m not telling you to go sit outside their houses and follow their every move, that’s just creepy and so very wrong. Firstly, you need to create your ideal client/customer avatar, who is she/he, what’s his/her lifestyle? What are their likes/dislikes? In a couple of paragraphs write out your ideal client’s story. Once you have a clear picture of who your ideal client is you are then going to do your research, find out where they hang out online, what groups will they be a part of? Join them. Search google and social media platforms using keywords and phrases relevant to your service/product and your ideal client to discover what problems they are having, questions they are asking relevant to your field. Listen out for the pain points that you can help them eliminate. Make a note of them using the exact wording they use.

After you have researched their pain points, search again and this time listen out for their goals, dreams, plans, and wins. This will help you uncover what is important to them, what they want to achieve. Look out for group posts that ask them to share their wins, share their goals for the week, etc, make a list.

Step Two: Know Your mission

Your mission will be the opening line to your about page. Keep it short and to the point telling them exactly what you do and why in just a few short sentences. You can check out my about page for inspiration. If you don’t already have your mission statement start by writing out what your business stands for or against and then add on how you fulfill this mission.

i.e. “We help ………………….. do …………………. by/through ………………

Step Three: Share Their Pain

Now you know their pain points you are going to use these to show that you understand exactly what they are struggling with. Go through your list, which pain points come up the most? Start with those. Look at the words they have used to describe how they feel about the problem e.g. I’m struggling, I’m stuck, I feel overwhelmed, etc. Now you are going to turn their pain points into statements that show you understand. i.e. We/I understand how it feels to/ what it’s like /how difficult it can be etc. Again, where you can use their exact words but if the words or grammar they’ve used need a little tidying up try to create statements that are as close to their words as possible. Don’t try to be clever and “posh it up” too much. Your about page is first and foremost about them, showing you understand and care about them, think of that divine feminine energy, you can show off in divine masculine style later.

Step Four: Inspire them

Here you are going to show that you understand their desires. You’re going to confirm their dreams are possible and inspire them with what deep down, they already know to be true. Using the second list you created in step one, you are now going to create “You know” statements. i.e You know it’s possible, You know you can, You know you have.

Step Five: The Ultimate Compassion

Before going into how you/your business is exactly what they need and how awesome you are, you are going to create one last show of understanding, love, and compassion. Write a paragraph showing that you know how hard they’ve tried, it’s not their fault and sometimes we all need a helping hand. Make it emotional, empowering, and compassionate. The divine feminine in all her glory.¬†

Step Six: Share Your Support

Remember how I said earlier that the divine masculine is that strong, supporting energy? Well, now it’s time to let him shine. It’s time to let your dream client know you are here for them and how you will help them. Keep the energy strong and supportive.

Step Seven: Bragging Rights

You’ve shown your compassion, you’ve shown you truly understand your ideal clients’ struggles, dreams, and aspirations. You’ve empowered, inspired, and connected with them on a deeply emotional, human level. You’ve given them strength and support and now you’ve earned your bragging rights. Tell them why you and your business are exactly what they need, share testimonials and then get them fired up and ready to take action with some “Are you ready?” questions.

Step Eight: Call to action

On every page of your website you should have a call to action and most certainly on your About page, you’re not going to get them all fired up with nowhere to go. Your about page is your ultimate sales page for everything you do, so where do you want them to go next, what action do you want them to take? If you have multiple services, products, offers where is the one place you offer them all? Do you want them to join your mailing list? Join a free group or paid membership? Book a call? Always, always, always close with a call to action.

So go forth, create your about page and captivate your audience, any questions join me in the Fempreneurz Launch hub and tag me in a post, I’m always happy to dive in deeper and help you succeed online.

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