When it comes to getting things done I have no patience with myself. I want to do everything and have it all done yesterday.

Ridiculous, I know, impossible I KNOW! It’s exhausting. If I don’t sit down and go through the steps I am about to share with you, I would drive myself crazy, with unrealistic schedules and a to-do list that just keeps growing. If this sounds familiar or you’re just feeling overwhelmed with all you want to do, then you are in the right place.

Follow my steps and create a business that fits around your life, rather than life around your business. Join the Femz Insider Hub and go to the “Creating Your Daily Schedule” module to access my free Daily Schedule Template and more detailed, individual lessons for each of the steps below.

What are your highest priorities?

First things first, the whole reason we are creating our soul-purpose, done our way, business is so that we can enjoy all life has to offer and prioritize the things and people we love the most. In order to do this successfully, we must always schedule those things first. Scary, I know but remember we are creating a business that fits around our life, not a life around our business.

Your first step is to make a list of all your day-to-day, personal responsibilities, all the things you have to do, i.e shopping, school run, household chores etc and schedule them into your planner.

If you want to know exactly how I do this, head on over to the Femz Insider Hub and jump into lesson one of the “Creating Your Daily Schedule” module.

Your Want to-do’s

Your want-to-do’s, in this instance, are all the things you want to do on a daily/weekly basis, outside of your business.

What do you want your personal life to look like, who or what do you always want to make space for? 

Who or what is important to you? Does missing out on time to do them or do things with them upset you?

Prioritise these in your schedule before moving on to plan your business.

Build Your Business Around Your Life

Now that you have made your personal life a priority it’s time to focus on your business. The next step is to choose your priority daily/weekly tasks for your soul-purpose business.

Your priority tasks are those that need to be done (responsibilities) and those that you really want to do.

This isn’t as easy as it sounds and you can often find that all you want to do in your business, just won’t fit into your daily/weekly schedule but I promise you it can be done. You just have to figure out how you can do it.

Don’t worry though, I would never just leave you to figure this out on your own, in lesson 3 of the “Creating Your Daily Schedule” module, I share exactly how I figure it out and plenty of ideas for you to do it too.

Just head on over to the Fempreneurz Launch Hub and let’s get started on creating a business that works around your life, rather than a life around your business.

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