If you want to learn from your mistakes and improve your business you have to first work on yourself, your beliefs about your mistakes and answer three questions to put you back on track.

You are not the only one and someone somewhere has more than likely made the exact same mistake as you.

Every single one of us makes mistakes and anyone who goes through life never making the steak will get to the end of their life and realise they made the biggest mistake of all. They never actually did anything.

Own it, accept your responsibility for the mistake you made. Don’t blame your mother, your father, your competitor, the cat. Accept that you chose the path you were going to take. You allowed those you’ve been blaming to influence your decision.

Only when you own your mistakes can you learn from them.

Let it go

Stop beating yourself up over it.

Your mistakes show you were trying. Keep trying, you are still finding your feet. Do you punish a baby trying to walk every time they fall? So why punish yourself, you are learning to walk a new path. Get over what you did wrong and move forward in the knowledge that what is in front of you, is greater than what is now behind you.

Mistakes are life’s lessons.

Learn from every one of your mistakes. Examine them. What went wrong? Where did you start to go off course? What will you do differently next time?

Mistakes are not failures if we choose to grow from them. Failure comes only when we give up.

Learn, grow and embrace your destiny or give up, fail and wallow in your history.

The choice is yours. What are you going to do?

A great, practical tool and daily practice to help you move on from your mistakes and grow is by keeping a reflective diary.

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