Done-For-You Services

Ready to stand out, online?

Feeling overwhelmed, overworked and frustrated trying to manage your digital marketing yourself?

Tired of being stuck IN your business, as opposed to doing what you do best?

Feeling de-motivated and uninspired when it comes to planning your online marketing strategies, and content?

Sick of spending ridiculous hours, planning, creating, and scheduling posts only to get crickets?

Want your business to stand out on social media but struggling to get your voice heard above the crowd?

You know that digital marketing is a must to grow your business online but you just don’t have the time to create and be consistent with your content as well as engage authentically with your audience.

You barely even have time to do the soul-purpose work you set out to do in the first place.

Exhausted and feeling weighed down trying to keep up with ever-changing platforms, algorithms, and updates?

Finding that just as you get confident using a platform, they completely change the game?

We truly understand the frustration business owners go through, getting their voice heard above the online crowd whilst trying to keep up with the latest trends and algorithm updates.

This isn’t your passion, it certainly isn’t your purpose but it is ours.

We are passionate about helping you to create a business that is in complete alignment with your passion, purpose, and values.

A business that gives you the freedom to enjoy all life has to offer, with the people you love.

We know that not every business wants or has the time to learn and manage the digital marketing themselves, that is why, in association with our sister company, Elisa Marie Designz, we’ve created our unique Fempreneurz Done-For-You services.

What makes our services unique?

Our done-for-you services are unique in that we provide a holistic approach to managing your digital marketing. We do this by combining success coach training with our digital marketing skills to create tailored packages designed for you, your business, and your ideal audience.

Using success coaching strategies, we work with you to discover your ideal audience, your brand story, your values, your mission, your goals to uncover the online voice of your brand.

From there we use our digital marketing skills and strategies to create, manage and grow your authentic online presence, attracting your ideal audience to convert into ideal clients.

Whether you are looking for someone to manage your social media,  email list, launch, or all your digital marketing apply today to arrange a discovery call.

Our Signature Package

The complete done-for-you package to building your business from start to launch, online.

Our Start to Launch signature package combines all our done-for-you services into the ultimate package, taking your business from start to launch online, at a fraction of the cost.

With the Start to Launch service, we will work with you to get clear you on your vision, the plan for your business and build you an empire, online, that truly reflects your inner purpose, values and mission.

If you are just getting started in building your business online – This is the service for you!

To find out more apply for your free discovery call.

Done-For-You Services

Below are just a selection of the quarterly service packages we offer. 

The Compelling Website Service

Designed especially for service-based female entrepreneurs, in the Compelling Website package, we will work together, providing step-by-step strategies to design, create and launch your compelling WordPress website and your signature sales page. And when you need us to we will also be available to complete those technical tasks too.

from £1995

Blogging For Prosperity Service

Plan and implement your perfect blog strategy to attract your ideal audience. We’ll help you uncover what type of blog you should have, plan and organize your content before building your blog, and implementing your strategy.

from £995

Social Media Mastery Service

Creating and managing your complete social media marketing strategies.

We’ll discover what your audience wants, where to find them, and how to turn them into raving fans and paying clients. We’ll create your unique social media strategy, and then implement it including; setting up and optimizing your social media profiles, creating and scheduling content, and managing your accounts.

from £1295

Lucrative List Building Service

Not yet set up your mailing list?

Zero active subscribers on your list?

No followers?

No problem.

In the lucrative list-building service, we will first create your list-building strategy. Then we will design and create your lead page, newsletter, and email sequences before implementing your strategy to grow your list, even if you don’t yet have any followers.

from £995

Launch it! Service

The foundations are set, you know you want to launch your services, course, or coaching program, you know who you are serving and how you want to help them.

Now it’s time to create your offer and plan, then implement your launch strategy.

That is exactly what our Launch it! service does for you. We will happily and enthusiastically manage your launch for you and after the launch, we will carry out a complete review to further improve your future launches.

from £1495

For a tailored package designed to fit your needs, or for further support in choosing the right service for you apply for your discovery call today and select the bespoke service option on the application.

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