Sponsorship Program

Fempreneurz is a social enterprise created to inspire, support and guide women to start, launch and grow their business online.

At Fempreneurz we believe, passionately that women can build the business they dream of.

We are also realistic, we know and understand that when the bills are mounting up and you have a family to provide for you simply can’t afford to invest in your dream.

That minimum wage job is barely keeping your head above water, you are living hand to mouth with barely a penny to spare.

Your daren’t even look at your credit report and you know the chances of you getting a business loan are, well, there zilch.

You can forget support with a grant or even free business advice that extends to more than one session because you get WORKING tax credits.

It is not fair, you know you can do so much more.

You know you were meant to do more.

And that is why Fempreneurz was created.

Not only does Fempreneurz provide you with the tools, resources and support to help you start, launch and grow your business. We also offer sponsorship programs to women just like you, we will provide you with emotional, practical and financial support to get your business online and ready to launch. Once you are ready to launch we will continue to provide you with support through your first marketing campaign and beyond.

Now there is a catch, unfortunately, as much as we really want to help every woman, the amount of women we can help is restricted to the amount of profit we make and so there is an application process to go through.

We don’t expect you to have a perfectly put together business plan, we can help you with that, but we do expect you to know what it is you want to do and that you are passionate about it.

For further information on our sponsorship program download the application pack here.