You can either accept your life as it is and stay within your comfort zone or you can step outside and take on all your life has to offer you.

In fact, those aren’t even the real choices because whatever you decide to do, or not do, life will find a way of testing your limits. It will find a way to push you to take that step. So when all is said and done the only choice you really have is to either let life force you out of your comfort zone or you can choose to control when and how you take that step, committing to constant growth on your own terms.

One choice will lead you to constant struggles and misery; the other to great success, amazing experiences and abundance.

Try the things you have not tried. Do the things you have not done. Create what has not yet been created. That is how you grow and when you grow, so too will your business.

Do you want to live a beautiful life? Do you want to do all you dream of?

The only way you will get there is by stepping out of your comfort zone.

Stepping out of your comfort zone is simply growing.

That first step you took as a baby, was scary but look at you now, the first time you tried to pronounce that new word, was scary. Everything you ever did for the first time felt a little scary. How many things do you now do without a second thought? I bet almost every one of them was at least a little bit scary until you actually learnt to do them.

Nothing outside of your comfort zone is as scary as it looks from the inside.

Stop wasting your energy on excuses. Just do it, learn from it, grow with it.

Do what makes you uncomfortable, right now, ready or not.

If you don’t have the answers you think you need, don’t worry, the answer will come to you out of necessity once you take that leap.

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