the Fempreneurz mission

Fempreneurz is taking a stand against working womens poverty because we believe, that every woman, no matter her circumstances, should have access to the support they need to get themselves and their families out of poverty.

Fempreneurz is a social enterprise, this means that at least 50% of the profits we make go towards helping women on a low income to start, launch and grow their business online. 

We are on a mission to help those women and families, on a low income, who have a business idea that we know they could succeed at, if they just had some support to get started. The women and families living paycheck to paycheck, terrified of some surprise bill coming in that they can’t afford to pay, worrying, if the cooker or washer breaks down, how will they afford to replace it? The home-care worker praying every day that the car won’t break down or fail it’s MOT, the mother who can’t afford to pay the £250+ for their child’s end of year school trip because working, even on a low income, means they don’t qualify for a discount, the list really does go on. At Fempreneurz, we want those women to know that they and their families are not alone, they really can get out of this and we are here to help them do so. We will be there for them from the start until they succeed but we need your help to do that.

With the funds raised we will be able to:

– Provide free website hosting and domain names for their first year of business
– Provide tools to create and build their own website
– Provide free courses, workshops and coaching programs so that they know how to build and grow their business online.
– Provide 1:1 support and coaching to help them stay on track, and focused whilst providing them with accountability.
– Provide funding to support their initial ads campaign
– and more

So, how can you help us to support women on a low income?

Purchasing our products, services, coaching programs and courses, either for yourself or as a gift, will ensure we can raise the funds needed to help more women and open up more spaces on our sponsorship program.

Following us on social media, sharing and engaging with our posts and links will help in a big way with creating awareness of the support we offer. With your help of letting others know who we are and what we do means we can keep down the costs of advertising, freeing up more funds to fulfil our mission whilst also letting those who would benefit from our support know that we are here for them.

Aside from volunteering your time, which you will find out more about, below, another way you help is by supporting our crowdfund campaigns on Facebook,  GoFundMe and JustGiving, or donating via the Donate button on our blog.

We sincerely appreciate all the support we receive to help us give the support women, on a low income, need.

Thank you xx xx


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